My Stories

Circle Back Home

From the outside looking in, beautiful Anna has the picture perfect childhood. She is an adorable, gifted, child who has the world at her hands. Living a privileged life filled with the best of everything, except the love and attention of her parents. Anna's grandparents love her dearly but she only sees them for a few weeks every year. Is their love strong enough to sustain her? Anna tries to cope with an absent father and a narcissist mother. Her father is a workaholic who loves making millions and her mother is busy with her 'whole lot of nothing' world. Anna's mother, Isabella, sees her daughter as an annoyance and at the same time, a trophy. Isabella believes any attention paid to her trophy daughter should be a reflection back to her. As Anna becomes an adult, life and circumstances separate the three of them. Anna blooms without her mother's controlling influence. She lives a normal life full of love and friendship. She has a career that is fulfilling and makes her happy. Anna has worked hard for all that she has, but will the damaged childhood that she endured come back to haunt her? When life gets tough, can you ever Circle Back Home to that place in your heart where you are loved?


Dr. Jen Waits Ph.D. is a successful psychology professor. Students love her and coworkers admire her. Recognized for her volunteer work in the community, she is highly respected. All of her energy is focused on educating and helping others. Three events completely alter her life. Jen struggles to keep her private issues separate from her professional life. She attempts to ignore her personal reality, causing her world to crash down all around. Spiraling out of control, she risks her career and reputation. Who can help the psychologist who cannot help herself? Can Jen’s longtime friend help her Adapt or will she lose everything, including her sanity? Adapt is a story of family, friendship and the struggle to adjust to life’s changes. Is it possible to heal after so much? Change, good or bad, is inevitable; how Jen handles that change determines her future.